Cod Liver Oil for Horses

Information on Cod Liver Oil for Horses

When looking at the option of Cod Liver Oil For Horses it is rich in alpha-linolenic and omega-3, which are essential fatty acids that can improve a horse’s health if it is suffering from Vitamin A or D deficiency (or both). These deficiencies are typically caused by lack of sunlight exposure among other things.

Cod Liver Oil For Horses


Cod Liver Oil For Horses – A Closer Look

Is Cod Liver Oil the Best Source of Omega-3 and Other Essential Fatty Acids?

Because fish is not a natural or typical part of an equine diet, many experts consider cod liver oil as an unnatural source of essential fatty acids for horses. Then again, it cannot be doubted that cod liver oil has higher EFA levels compared to other types of omega-3 oils.

Probably the best substitute for cod liver oil for horses as a supplement to your horse’s diet would be linseed oil. Linseed is known to be effective as well as a laxative feed and for coat conditioning. Just bear in mind that linseed will prove fatal if it is not boiled or crushed.

If cod liver oil or linseed oil happens to be unavailable, there are other types of oils that can prove to be a healthy source of essential fatty acids. These include but are not limited to other types of fish or marine oils as well as oil extracted from plants such as sesame, hemp seed, evening primrose, sunflower, and soya bean. High-quality hay and grass as well as canola seeds and walnuts are considered excellent sources of EFAs, too.

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for Horses

If your horse takes to cod liver oil, then it can stand to enjoy the various benefits below.

Improved joint condition and mobility

Horses lead a very active lifestyle both by choice and necessity. Naturally, horses that are used in competitions and other professional purposes are also required to engage in long hours of physical activity, all of which may lead to joint problems.

Improved coat

An additional benefit of having cod liver oil supplement your horse’s diet would be a glossier and silkier coat.

Reduced risk of laminitis

Cod liver oil has been proven to be effective in minimising risk of laminitis as well as facilitate growth of horse’s feet and making it stronger. These are critical to help horses experience greater ease in wearing and keeping their shoes on.

Improved overall health

Cod liver oil for horses is known to be excellent as well in improving the condition of your horse’s respiratory system as well as strengthen its immune system.

Improved temperament

Horses have distinct personalities and it can be a huge risk if you are riding a highly excitable or temperamental horse. Cod liver oil, however, has a significantly calming effect on horses, thus making them relatively safer to ride.

Other known benefits of cod liver oil for horses include speeding up the healing process and improving its metabolism.

If you are considering cod liver oil for horses, it is wise to consult your vet and talk it through with them first.